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Build Southeast Asian American collective power with us!

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As refugee communities from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, we are survivors. For generations, we have been fighting for freedom, equity, justice, and opportunity for our families.

Your gift to SEARAC helps to elevate our community. Your financial donation can:

  • stop a father's deportation,
  • ensure kids and their parents have the culturally and linguistically relevant support they need to succeed in school,
  • connect elders to essential, affordable health care, and
  • train hundreds of local Southeast Asian American leaders to fight for their communities.

Your generous donation takes you one step closer to a socially just and equitable society where families can stay together, where students are thriving in safe learning environments, and where our parents and grandparents live in dignity and good health.

Thank you for showing up for our communities.

SEARAC staff, board, and community members